An open letter to coalition MPs

Dear Coalition MP,

When watching PMQs, I am disheartened by David Cameron and Ed Milliband arguing like children with bad scriptwriters. I am disheartened by the obfuscation and outright lies.

But that’s all I am. Disheartened. I have come to expect it, and I can at least dismiss it as irrelevant puppetry.

What makes me truly angry is YOUR behaviour. Your fawning and toadying is reprehensible. This does not constitute a suitable question to ask the PM:

“Would the Prime Minister agree that he is brilliant, we are brilliant, and the opposition smell of dog turds and socialism?”

But it seems that’s all you ask.

We elect you to represent us. Not to ask questions that just lead David Cameron into another crap speech.

Find some moral muscle and join the opposition in questioning the decisions your leaders make. Your respective parties should be able to cope with answering questions from within. It’s not a betrayal. It’s democracy.



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One Response to An open letter to coalition MPs

  1. Alex says:

    Unfortunately its the same regardless of the party in power, I would be impressed if one of the Party leaders turned round to his party and said “stop behaving like children – we are supposed to be working!.

    By the way loving your projects, some great stuff I found thanks to Hackaday.

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