Tsunami Signal Generator “Case”

I recently got a Tsunami signal generator from Arachnid Labs. I could have got a proper case for it, but instead I thought I’d make my own.

I really like making simple lasercut cases, so I threw together a “wave-like” design, cut entirely in 3mm clear acrylic.

Drawing of the acrylic case components

The acrylic case parts, designed in Inkscape

The top and bottom of the case are identically shaped. In order to raise the PCB off the bottom and allow for mounting nuts, I cut four standoffs to hold M4 nuts. The base has four etched areas to locate the standoffs. Holes in the top of the case allow M4 screws to pass through. The top has the tsunami logo etched into it, which I got from their Github page.

Here’s the base:

The base with standoffs and M4 nuts.

The base with standoffs and M4 nuts.

I chose to fill the logo with blue wax to match the PCB colour. Here’s the top after filling with wax, and after hot-air levelling and cleaning:

The top of the casing after wax fill.The top of the case after cleaning

Finally, here’s the case with the tsunami in place:

IMG_20150904_145552 IMG_20150904_134532

I chose to leave the wax slightly underfilled to allow the roughness of the arcylic etch to show through. This sort of goes well with the “turbulent” nature of the wave image.

Design files at my github.

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