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Some nodeMCU connection troubles

For a work project, I’m using a nodeMCU, which is an ESP8266 module flashed with a Lua interpreter (and put on a nice PCB with USB serial and stuff). By the way, ESPlorer is a really nice interface to the nodeMCU. I started by following … Continue reading

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Tsunami Signal Generator “Case”

I recently got a Tsunami signal generator from Arachnid Labs. I could have got a proper case for it, but instead I thought I’d make my own. I really like making simple lasercut cases, so I threw together a “wave-like” design, cut … Continue reading

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Adding graphics to KiCad PCBs

The wrong way to use Bitmap2Component There are many, many blogposts and videos about how to convert a bitmap image into a KiCad module for putting on a PCB. Here are a two: None of them worked for me. … Continue reading

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Breakin Board for Just Add Sharks

Those who take an interest in such things will know that Just Add Sharks have released a new breakin board for replacing “standard” Leetro controllers with your own. I produced the board to a design given to me by Martin … Continue reading

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Hell yes feminism Most people who know me will probably be vaguely aware that I consider myself a feminist. I probably make loads of mistakes while I’m doing it. I am far from perfect. But just to make it abundantly clear: hell … Continue reading

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Renaming things quickly in Eagle

I use Eagle for my PCB design and I generally find it to be a nice piece of software. One annoyance that I came across recently was the seemingly hard task of doing a “bulk rename” of components on a schematic. … Continue reading

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Depression Quest: First Thoughts

Trigger warning: this post discusses depression in some detail. It is not written by a mental health professional.  Sufferers of depression and similar conditions should think carefully about playing the game it discusses. It is intended to raise awareness and aid understanding … Continue reading

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